What is Wings for Wheels?

Wings for Wheels is a ministry that was started by YWAM Riga in 2007 with the goal of reaching out to the disabled, to give them a chance to hear the Gospel and attain eternal life.

Our vision

The vision for Wings for Wheels is to see people with various disabilities come to know Jesus Christ, experience His strength in their weakness, and become Christ’s witnesses, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, in their homes, churches, and society.





 Wings for Wheels Goals


  • To help people with disabilities grow closer to God and understand His unique plan for their lives;
  • To draw the attention of Christians to this “invisible” part of society by informing, educating and encouraging.

We encourage people with mobile disabilities to dare to be active and improve their abilities to advance their quality of life.

Wings for Wheels Activities

Camps: A time away from daily life, where people with mobile disabilities are given a chance to get to know God better and participate in different creative and physical activities, while having fun together.

Physiotherapy: With a qualified physiotherapist on staff, we are able to offer physiotherapy services, as well as consultation and guidance on how to develop a personalized set of exercises.

Bible Study Groups: Wings for Wheels organizes small home groups, making it possible for the wheelchair-bound to be in fellowship with other Christians and study the Word of God.

Raising Disability Awareness in Churches: We aim to inform Christian churches of the needs of the disabled, and advocate on their behalf.

Individualized Attention: We seek to individually visit those who cannot participate in small groups due to their health condition or other reasons, studying Christ’s teachings with them and providing spiritual encouragement for them.

Networking: We promote the vision of Wings for Wheels in various ways and seek prayer, practical, and financial support for the ministry.

For more information on how to get involved and ways of donating towards the work of Wings for Wheels visit our website.

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