The story of YWAM Riga includes a variety of people and events that contributed to it’s development.

During the 1990’s various events took place in Riga in partnership with local churches and other organizations. A major event was the March for Jesus, together with the Latvian Christian Radio that took place in June 25, 1994.

In 1997, Gary and Ineta Lansdowne moved to Riga, and served to help with a church plant, and organized music outreach in various churches, clubs, and events.

Since 1997, Latvian Christian Mission, in cooperation with the Association of Latvian Christian Teachers, Riga Mission Baptist Church, Youth With a Mission and other Christian organizations, has been hosting a public school teachers conference, “Integration of Biblical Principles into Education”.





In 2000, Lars and Daina Gundersen also moved to Riga, and for many years Lars produced a radio program focusing on YWAM and missions work, as well as broadening relationships with the Body of Christ.

Larry and Elsie Dannhauer moved to Riga in September 2003. They focused on training especially among Russian speaking community, but also through Christian radio programs.

1st DTS took place outside of Riga in Ropazi in April 2004, 2nd DTS – Creative DTS took place in September 2006.

YWAM Riga become a legal entity in 2005.



From 2003, another team focusing primarily upon music formed in Jurmala. Music training and various music and worship ministries functioned under the name Riga Rocks. Team included various bands and musicians: Xenos, Valdis Indrisonoks and Draugi, Manhu, Marnie Hoover and others. April-September 2003, SOMM School of Musicians for Missions took place in Jurmala.

This team merged with YWAM Riga in 2007.




After Jurmala and Riga teams become one various ministries were established: Music Ministry, Impact Art, Baltic Bread ProjectWings for Wheels, House Church, Transforming Riga prayer, Freedom 61. Short video of these different ministries can be seen here.







Various events – March for Jesus, outreach teams, evangelism, mini DTS


Gary and Ineta move to Riga – church planting, youth and music evangelism


Lars and Daina Gundersen move to Riga – radio program


School of Music in Missions in Jurmala

Larry and Elsie Dannhauer move to Riga to establish YWAM Riga

Cheryl and Santa move to Jurmala


Riga Rocks begins in Jurmala with music ministry

1st DTS in Riga


YWAM Riga officially registered


Creative DTS in Riga, led by Elise Carey


Jurmala and Riga teams become one

Dave Lozinsky takes leadership role


Wings for Wheels joins YWAM Riga

Impact Art established

Transforming Riga Prayer established


Elise Carey takes YWAM Riga leadership


Freedom 61 established

House Church established

Baltic Bread Project established


Kaspars Apinis takes YWAM Riga leadership

Mini DTS for people with mobile disabilities


Weekend DTS “Roots”

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